Show Schedule

N.B. All show times are in U.K GMT. At the time of publication for EST -5 hours. CST -6 hours. MST -7 hours. PST -8 hours.

All shows and show descriptions are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.

Whether it’s Rock or Country to pop or chutney we’re sure you will find something on our varied schedule of shows to suit your musical needs!


9-11AM Breakfast with Rob Clarke

Wake up to a variety of music and some random chat to take those Monday morning blues away.

11-1PM The Fun House with Lucy.

Come join Lucy and see what wonders she has to offer inside her house of fun!

1-3PM Pump it up with Pearsy with Rob.

A mix of great tunes and fun chat to brighten up your Monday afternoon.

3-5PM The Carribean Cocktail with Kamachee1000

It’s Slow Jam Monday so she will have all your relaxed and chilled out tunes for the afternoon.

5-6PM Strictly 60s with Louise.

Love your 60’s tunes? Then don’t miss this one as she’ll take you back in time, playing some 60s classics!

6-7PM Happy Hour

Join our Happy Hour crew as they bring you some upbeat and uplifting tunes and some great chat to lift your mood!

7-9PM Allan’s Anthems with Allan Kempson.

Join Allan for some fantastic tunes and see if you can guess which year his Time Tunnel is from every week!

9-11PM Bumpin and Humpin Tunes with Jess.

For you R’n’B and Hip Hop lovers out there, Jess will be bringing you some classic tunes, both old and new right here!

Midnight-2AM Sangeet Kee Aawaaz with Samaroo.

What does it mean? The Voice of Music! Come have a listen and find out what Samaroo has in store for you!

2-5AM Metal Militia Monday With Wes.

Join Wes as he brings you some of the best Metal Madness to see you into the early hours!


9-11AM Bacchanal Breakfast with DJTK

Wake up to the sweet spice of the Carribean and make your breakfast a little bit different as he plays you all your favourite Soca and Chutney tunes!

11-1PM The Random Musical Vault with Nicholas.

What great tunes will you find in Nicholas’ vault? Tune in here to find out!

1-3PM The Tuesday Workday with Felix.

60 minute takeover unknown artist

3-5PM The Carribean Cocktail with Kamachee1000.

Its 2 4 Tuesday, double play today so tune in to get a double dose of your favourite artists and tracks!

5-8PM The Sport and Music Mix with Rob P.

Get all your sporting chat and information along with some great tunes right here!

8-10PM Purely Classical with Amy.

If you love your classical music then here’s where you’ll find it!

10PM-2AM Wes’ Musical Meltdown.

The Meltdown is back and it’s better than ever so tune in and find out what musical madness Wes has to offer!


8-11AM 80s Breakfast with Jess.

All those 80s anthems can be found here to give your Wednesday a kicktsart.

11AM-1PM Midweek Madness with Kristian.

Some unusual music and a dash of random chit chat! weekly clock chime.

1-3PM Lianne’s Afternoon Antics.

Join Lianne for a variety of music and some more random chit chat.

3-5PM The Carribean Cocktail with Kamachee1000.

It’s all 80’s Wednesday for all your retro lovers out there.

5-6PM The Bollywood Mix with Samaroo.

All the best variety of Bollywood greats! bollywood word of the day.

6-8PM Turn it up with TK.

Competitions, wind ups and even a lullabye. This show has the lot!

8-10PM Memory Lane Rave-a-thon with Justin.

Get out those glow sticks and dance your socks off!

10-11PM The Love Lounge with Nicholas or Jade

After all that raving come and wind down with some classic love ballads!

11PM The Reggae Show with Kamachee1000

If you love a bit of Bob Marley or anything Reggae then join Kamachee as she brings you all those great Reggae tunes!


9-11AM Breakfast Show with Michelle

11-1PM Lucy’s Lunchbox

Join Lucy and find out what sweet and savoury musical treats she has in her lunchbox today!

1-3PM Pump it up with Pearsy.

Join Rob for your second helping of random chat and music madness.

3-5PM The Carribean Cocktail with Kamachee1000.

It’s Anything Thursday today. Who will be the featured artist this week and what cover vs original song will she play Find out right here!

5-7PM The Chatterbox with Jade and guests.

Jade and guests will be bringing you some great chat and fine tunes to start your evening off.

7-9PM Louise’s box of tricks.

Grab yourself a drink from the Louise’s bar, play along with one phrase and counting and get your vote in on the 2 song poll.

9-10PM Rock Riot with Nick Pages.

Nick brings you all that rocky goodness that you know and love!

10-11PM The Love Lounge/Chillout Bar.

Time to wind down and relax.

11PM-2AM The Shane-O-Train with Shane Popplestone.

Join Shane for some fantastic tracks to take you into the early hours and find out what Smash or Trash is all about!


9-11AM Country Cafe Breakfast with Wes.

Some fantastic country music can be found here for all you country lovers.

11-1PM Frantic Friday with Fran.

Join Fran and see what she has to offer on the air!

1-3PM The Random Musical Vault with Nick P.

What has Nick got stored in his musical vault today? Tune in here to find out!

3-5PM The Carribean Cocktail with Kamachee1000.

It’s Bacchanal Friday today guys so you’ll find all your Soca and Chutney tunes here.

5-7PM Bakershake’s Teatime Party.

Be it dance, mashups or just plain cheese, Bakershake has the lot to get you in the party mood for the weekend.

7-9PM The Pick n’ Mix show with Josh.

All your dance anthems, both old and new are right here to keep you in the weekend party mood.

9-10PM Hardcore Style with Aaron.

Keep the party going and pump out some more great music.

10-Midnight Bumpin and Humpin tunes with Jess.

Join Jess as she brings you all those R’n’B classics both old and new!

Midnight-2AM The Hip Hop Takeover with Paul.

All you Hip Hop lovers will love what Paul has in store for you.


9-11AM 60’s and 70’s Sizzle with Kristian.

Whether it’s Glam Rock, Disco or even the twist. Step back in time and find it all right here to start off your Saturday.

11AM-1PM Michelle’s Poptastics.

If your in the mood for some pop hits then Poptastics is the show for you. Find out what songs Michelle has heard this week that she thinks you might like.

1-3PM Amy’s Allsorts.

It takes all sorts and Amy wants to share them with you. Music, Chat and a good dose of Comedy. You’ll find it all here guys.

3-6PM The Country Corral with Wes.

Join Wes for 3 hours of country tunes from old to brand new!

6-8PM Jojo’s Saturday Shenanigans.

Come have some fun and play 2 truths and a lie. See if you can guess the song played back to front on Backtrack and enjoy going back to your childhood with Kiddie Corner and a good laugh out loud with Comedy Double. The loony toons are out in full force on this show.

8-11PM Saturday Night House Party with James

If you fancy getting into the party mood then join James as he brings you some great party classics to keep that weekend feeling going!


9-11AM Slow Start Breakfast with Rob P.

12-2PM The Magical Broadway Show with Michelle.

Let’s go to the theatre! You’ll find all your musical greats here along with some Disney classics. You’ll be singing along with the best of them.

2-4PM Old Skool Show with Rob Clarke.

Rob brings you a great variety of tunes to enjoy either with or after your Sunday lunch!

4-6PM The Celtic Session with DJTK.

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. To meet your Celtic tastes this show never fails. For an Irish Jig or a Scots Bagpipe. Tune in right here as this show you’ll like.

6-8PM Bakershake’s Chart Chat.

An Indie hour, a weekly news quiz to test your knowledge and this week’s chart releases and chat. It’s all here guys.

8-10PM The Sunday Sanctuary with James.

What will you find in James’ sanctuary? Find out by tuning in here!

10PM-Midnight The Love Lounge with Jess or Kamachee1000

Relax and snuggle up with some relaxed tunes!

Midnight-1AM The Positive Music Mix with DJ John Sanders.

You’ll find Barbershop Quartets and Positive Christian Vibes right here to see you into your working week again!