Jay Wakefield (Flying Scotsman)

What’s your name please sir?

Jay Wakefield.

And your age? (This is optional).

34 years old.

Where do you live?

Aberdeen in Scotland.

Which shows do you present and when are they on the air?

Evening Country every Wednesday from 8-10pm.

How long have you been a radio DJ?

A couple of weeks with you guys. I did a training course with SHMU F.M in 2011-2012.

What do you like doing when your not on the radio?

Playing computer games, photography, walking and listening to audiobooks.

Your top 3 music artists or bands?

Queen, Abba and Kenny Rogers.

Top 3 movies?

Back to the future, The time machine (2002 remake) and Oliver and company.

What would be one thing on your bucket list that you would love to do if you had the chance?

Go to Nashville and visit the Grand Ole Oprey.

Thanks for the chat Jay. Its great to get to know you a bit better.