Felix Ayee

Hi there Felix, why don’t we start with your age?

32 years old.

Worlds awakening Email if you have one?

[email protected]

Where do you live?

North London.

Which radio shows do you present and when are they on the air?

The Tuesday Workday every Tuesday from 1 till 3pm.

How long have you been a radio DJ?

14 years but only 9 years online.

That’s a long DJ life you’ve lived there Felix :-).

What do you like doing when you aren’t on the radio?

Hanging out with friends, reading and playing the odd game or two.

Who are your top three music artists or bands?

Ava Max, Trey Songz and Sean Paul depending on my mood.

Your top three movies?

Men in black, Back to the future and Air force one.

What would be one thing on your bucket list that you would love to do if you had the chance?

I would love to drive a car :-).

And finally, one last pointless or funny bit of wisdom you would like to give our lovely listeners.

Those you step on, on the way up may not catch you on the way down.

Thanks for letting our listeners get to know a little bit more about you Felix.