New update for you guys!

Fancy trying your hand at some of the cocktails and recipes you hear about on Turn it up with TK and Bacchanal Breakfast?

Then feel free to click the link below and try them out whenever you feel in the mood for something different!

Cocktails and Recipes.

Hey everyone,

We at Worlds Awakening are always trying to improve our service to our lovely listeners and so we are very excited to let you know that as well as the other ways of listening to us, we now have our own Amazon Alexa skill!

All you have to do if you so wish, is to ask your lovely echo device to ‘open Worlds Awakening Radio skill’ and away you go :-).

Just to keep you informed that you can listen to us on your smart speakers via several different apps now.

You can ask your smart speaker to play Worlds Awakening Radio on Get Me Radio or you can find us on smart speaker via myTuner Radio.

Thanks for staying with us and giving us your valued support!

Your Worlds Awakening Team.

Are you bored of the same old songs being played all of the time?

Do you fancy listening to something a little bit different?

Then you’ve clicked on the right place as we think that Worlds Awakening Radio is just the place for you!

From classical and country to Bacchanal and Bollywood, you’ll find if all here and if those aren’t your cup of tea then we’re pretty sure you will find a show or two that cater to your personal musical tastes!

So with that said, come join the fun and give us a listen as our DJ’s are working hard to make sure you get to hear the music and chat that YOU want!

Thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoy the station!

Let’s see through different eyes together!

This is Worlds Awakening Radio!

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Smart Speakers Activation

ALEXA: Enable: get me radio, get me radio app will then ask you

which radio station you would like to connect to =:

Worlds Awakening Radio 🙂

ALEXA: Worlds Awakening Radio on my tuner radio.

Hey Google: Worlds Awakening Radio on get me radio.

Hey Google: Worlds Awakening Radio on my tuner radio.

Enjoy the versatility of Worlds Awakening Radio access and Music!